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Karski Exhibit Opens at the Polish Museum of America in Chicago

Supplemental materials from the Museum Supplemental materials from the Museum

The Polish Museum of America opened an exhibit about Jan Karski, utilizing panels developed for the United Nations but supplemented with Museum artifacts about World War II. Maria Ciesla, President of the Museum spoke about how her parents “held [Karski] in reverence”.  

Other speakers included exhibit curator Vicki Granacki, Foundation director Bozena Nowicka McLees, Robert Kostro from Warsaw’s Polish History Museum and representatives from the Chicago Public Schools and the Polish Consulate. A short film about Karski ended the evening.  

This video captures the opening of the exhibit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm7U5_KM7lY. The Karski exhibition was shown at the Museum through May 19, 2013.

Photos below, left to right, top row: Audience enjoying the event; Robert Kostro from Warsaw's Museum of Polish History; Foundation director McLees; Supplemental materials from the Museum; second row: other materials; curator Vicki Granacki  (Photos courtesy of Bozena McLees)