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Los Angeles Press Club award for Karski play essay

Strathairn as Karski (Photo: Rich Hein) Strathairn as Karski (Photo: Rich Hein)

An essay about the play, Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski, has won an award at the Los Angeles Press Club's 16th Annual National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards.

The author, Justine Jablonska, published the essay on Zócalo Public Square and called it “Why a Polish Resistance Fighter’s ‘Failure’ to Stop the Holocaust Resonates Today.” 

The Press Club judges noted that “Jablonska’s personal, heartfelt piece about the play concerning a Polish resistance fighter, Jan Karski, during WWII and the Holocaust is outstanding and effective in conveying the agonies of living in dark times.”

Like Karski, Jablonska was born in Łódź, Poland, but later came to the United States. In her essay, she mentions the passion for racial and social justice that many students currently feel currently, and ties it to the events that Karski witnessed and participated in as a member of the Polish Underground during World War II.

An internet cultural magazine, Culture Avenue, published the essay's Polish translation.