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David Harris David Harris

The Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and member of JKEF’s Advisory Board, David Harris, has written a terrific commentary on the Polish-Jewish relations, “Poland and Jews: Coauthors of History?” published in the AJC Global Voice (click on the title to read) and, in Polish, in Gazeta Wyborcza, which is a leading newspaper in Poland. In response, the Jan Karski Educational Foundation’s Chairman, Andrzej Rojek, has written a letter to David Harris, which we share below.



February 3, 2021

Dear David,

Congratulations on the excellent commentary today in Gazeta Wyborcza. Your text is not only excellent but extremely timely, considering developments in Poland and Israel. Indeed, a voice of calm, reason, and understanding has to prevail. It is hard work, maybe getting harder, but one that needs to be raised.

When we were starting the Jan Karski Educational Foundation, which you so bigheartedly support, it was exactly our objective. A strong Polish state, advocated by Karski, should have a friend, maybe the best friend, in Israel. So many positive deeds have been done since 1989 (and earlier) that some are now worried whether it will be all for naught. I certainly do not believe that, and with our small team, we continue to work in the US, Poland, and elsewhere to explain and publicize the true nature of the millennial Polish-Jewish relationship.

We are all proud to count you among the friends and members of the Foundation.

Yours truly,


Andrzej Rojek

Chairman, Jan Karski Educational Foundation