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The Jan Karski Curriculum Study Initiative

April 12, 2012

An interesting study has been done to see to what extent information about Jan Karski is being used in University and other educational settings. The study was conducted by Jan Karski Centennial Campaign Intern Holly Robertson and Nina Solarz, a retired executive and volunteer to the Campaign. »

Washington, New York Meetings Advance Campaign

March 18, 2012

Jan Karski US Campaign Director Wanda Urbanska recently met with Jacek Nowakowski, chief of Arts & Artifacts & Curatorial Affairs at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, DC to discuss points of cooperation on the Karski Campaign. »

New Steering Committee Member Joins: Michal H. Mrozek

March 16, 2012

The Campaign is happy to announce that Michał H. Mrożek has joined the Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign Steering Committee. »

Polonia Reception Attended by Director and Committee

March 4, 2012

Jan Karski US Campaign Director Wanda Urbanska, Steering Committee member Gen. Edward Rowny, and Webmaster Jane Robbins attended a reception in Washington, DC with many other Polish Americans. »

Two New Steering Committee Members Announced

February 25, 2012

Two distinguished gentlemen have joined the Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign as Steering Committee members. General Edward Rowny and Przemysław Krych. »

US Campaign Meets with Polish Senate and Other Diplomats in Warsaw

February 20, 2012

A presentation about the Jan Karski International Centennial Campaign before a group of Polish Senators and leading political and cultural figures was the high point of a recent four-trip to Warsaw for Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign Director Wanda Urbanska. »

Polish Senate Briefed on Jan Karski

February 16, 2012

A new article in the News from Poland documents recent activities in the Polish Senate in learning about and honoring Jan Karski. »

The Polish American Congress is new Campaign Partner

February 3, 2012

Frank J. Spula, President of the Polish American Congress, has announced support for the Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign. The Polish American Congress is a federation of more than 3,000 Polish American organizations, clubs, and veterans’ groups. »

New York Meetings Advance Karski Campaign

January 29, 2012

Jan Karski U.S. Centennial Campaign Director Wanda Urbanska recently returned from a week in New York City where she and her partners mapped out Campaign strategy for 2012. On Jan. 17, Ms. Urbanska met with Steering Committee member Bob Billingsley and Ewa Wierzynska of the Polish History Museum in Warsaw, to discuss the Georgetown University-Karski Centennial Campaign partnership. »

The Campaign featured in AIPC

January 26, 2012

The American Institute of Polish Culture, which is located in Miami, Florida, is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. The founder of this wonderful organization is Lady Blanka A. Rosenstiel. »

US Campaign Director Meets with Directors of The Jan Karski Institute

December 30, 2011

Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign Director Wanda Urbanska held a very productive meeting this week with Kaya Ploss, formerly the Executive Director of the Jan Karski Institute, and Waldemar Izdebski, Program Director of the Institute. »

Thank you to these principled public servants!

December 22, 2011

The Jan Karski U.S. Centennial Campaign is delighted to acknowledge the 12 United States Senators and 68 United States Representatives who signed letters to President Obama supporting the nomination of the late Jan Karski for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. »

Jan Karski US Campaign featured in The News from Poland / Polskie Radio

December 22, 2011

The News from Poland / Polskie Radio has written an article about the Jan Karski Campaign, in which they refer to our US director as its mastermind. »

Georgetown Conference Discusses Polish-Jewish Relations

December 17, 2011

Last week, Hannah Rosenthal, President Obama’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, presented the keynote address at a conference on the Polish-Jewish dialog, at Georgetown University. »

Submission Sent to White House for Presidential Medal

December 16, 2011

Jan Karski's name has been placed in nomination at the White House for the Presidential Medal of Freedom by the Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign. Over the past few days, we managed to obtain 66 signatures from Members of the House as well as letters and sign-ons from 11 US Senators in support of President Obama awarding this posthumous designation to Professor Karski. »

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