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Congressional Record Tribute to Jan Karski

December 9, 2011

Steering Committee member David Harris's outstanding tribute to the late Jan Karski was entered into the Congressional Record earlier this week. »

PIASA Endorses Karski Campaign

December 8, 2011

The prestigious Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America has announced its support and endorsement of the Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign. They also applaud the educational and cultural efforts being done to bring Karski's work to increased prominence. »

Inaugural Dinner for Karski US Centennial Campaign

December 7, 2011

Consul General Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka hosted a group of Georgetown University alumni, Polish and Jewish community leaders and a representative of the Polish History Museum for dinner on May 31 at the Polish Consulate in New York City to kick off a three-year campaign to honor the late Jan Karski. »

Polish American Librarians Association Endorses Campaign

December 6, 2011

The Polish American Librarians Association (PALA) has given its endorsement to the Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign. This respected group was established in 2009 and meets at the Polish Museum of America Library in the Chicago area. »

Georgetown University President Endorses Jan Karski Campaign

December 4, 2011

The Campaign has received a letter from John J. DeGioia, President of Georgetown University, congratulating the initiative shown by the Campaign about Prof. Karski, who taught at Georgetown for forty years »

New Steering Committee member, Romuald J. Poplawski of Chicago

November 30, 2011

The Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign is happy to welcome a new Steering Committee member, Romauld J. Poplawski. »

Polish Independence Day Celebration Attended by US Director

November 13, 2011

Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign Director Wanda Urbanska recently participated in the Polish Independence Day celebration at the Kosciuszko Foundation offices in Washington, DC. »

American Jewish Committee Endorses Jan Karski Campaign

November 2, 2011

The American Jewish Committee has endorsed the Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign, noting their support of the Campaign's educational and cultural initiative to bring greater awareness to Karski's work and legacy. »

US Director Plans Campaign Strategy in New York

October 30, 2011

US Director Wanda Urbanska recently made a three-day trip to New York City where she met with steering committee members, campaign donors and advisers, including Anthony Paduano, Robert Billingsley, Andrzej Rojek, and Alicia Belzberg. »

The Tocqueville Forum at Georgetown University Features Karski Biographer

October 30, 2011

Two Jan Karski Centennial Campaign Steering Committee members attended the The Tocqueville Forum at Georgetown University to hear from Karski's biographer, E. Thomas Wood, co-author of "Karski: How One Man Tried to Stop the Holocaust." »

Kosciuszko Foundation Event Attended by Committee Members and Director

October 23, 2011

Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign Steering Committee Member Andrzej Rojek and US Director Wanda Urbanska attended an event to honor Kaya Ploss, a friend of Jan Karski. »

Rep. Chris Smith Commemorates Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

October 20, 2011

Rep. Chris Smith Chairman of the Helsinki Commission and Co-Chair of the Poland Caucus, commemorated the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising in his recent speech. »

Blog from New Committee Member David Harris is a Tribute to Karski

October 17, 2011

David Harris, the newest Jan Karski Centennial Steering Committee member, is the Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee and Senior Associate of St. Antony's College, Oxford University. »

Blog Publicizes Jan Karski Campaign

October 12, 2011

The blog "A Polish Son" published by Jan Karski US Centennial Steering Committee member Leonard Kniffel publicizes the Campaign and its US Director. »

US Director Attends Raoul Wallenberg Lunch at US Capitol

September 26, 2011

Jan Karski US Centennial Campaign Director Wanda Urbanska attended the Raoul Wallenberg Gold Medal Commencement Luncheon at the US Capitol. »

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