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Karski Photos

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Photo Credit: Some photos provided courtesy of the Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford, California. Description and photographer shown when each photo is clicked.

Cadet Jan Kozielewski (Karski) 1936

Jan Karski 1944

Jan Karski 1953 PhD. Georgetown University

Cover of the original US edition of Karski's book - 1944 edition (Jane Robbins)

Karski statue at Georgetown (Courtesy Jane Robbins)

Karski in his room at the Museum of the City of Lodz 1999 (courtesy the Museum)

Adas Israel Synagogue (Courtesy Gregory Wierzynski)

Karski in his birthplace of Lodz 1999 (courtesy Museum of the City of Lodz)

Karski grave in Mt Olivet Cemetery with All Saints Day wreath (courtesy of Witold Dzielski, The Polish Embassy)

Plaque in Kazimierz Dolny (Courtesy Ewa Wierzynska)

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